Quarantine’s best friend


Tiaran Vokes

The only human interaction I’ve been getting these past couple of weeks has been through my screen.

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

The only thing the news has been covering lately is the coronavirus, so why not hop on the trend?  The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that can be spread through human contact. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first found in Wuhan, China, but is now being found all over the United States. To help combat this potentially deadly virus, multiple states and counties in the United States have decided to put residents in lockdown. This means that residents are only supposed to leave their homes to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, participate in recreational activities, and assist a loved one. So, what does a teen do when they are held captive in their home all day by the government?  Well the answer is very simple…Tik Tok.


For those of you who don’t know what Tik Tok is, it’s a video-sharing social network app, that allows users to create short dance, lip sync, comedy, and talent videos. As a teen, I find scrolling through pointless videos is a great way to pass time. Seeing shirtless dudes showing off their muscles, students complaining about their online school, and teens posting random funny things in their life, is very entertaining to me; well not the dudes, they just show up a lot. But what makes Tik Tok quarantine’s best friend is the ability to fill your boring life with endless amounts of fun. With every teen being home during these quarantine days, it’s not long until you see a new trend kickoff.  Whether it be a new dance to learn, a meme format to follow, or just a video showing half your face, Tik Tok allows users to share their lives with teens just like them.


Just like every other teen out there, I too am stuck at home and to help pass the time I’ve been using Tik Tok. I’ve created a goal for myself which is to get a post to get more than 10,000 views, and by having this goal I have made myself even more addicted to this app. But without it, my life would be so boring right now. After doing some research, I found that by posting a lot of videos, making videos that follow trends either if it’s a sound or dance, and by hooking the viewer in the first 3 seconds you may be able to get a Tik Tok to go viral.  As of right now my highest Tik Tok has 1,540 views which is not a lot, if anything that is low, very low. I’ve accumulated 696 likes with the 17 videos I’ve posted so far, which isn’t a lot either. To help reach my goal, I’ve decided to post at least one Tik Tok a day that follows the basic rules of how to go viral. I may miss my homies but, for now my best friend during this quarantine is the app Tik Tok.