The Zen tub chronicles


Patrick Roghaar

The spot where I conduct my business.

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

This time period is interesting for our society because are all living out the same exact lives, with the same task each day: to remain inside. What varies among each individual is what we do with all the time under quarantine. For me, personally, I’ve taken to finding ways to relax my mind and relax all together. I found this feeling in the jacuzzi in the corner of my patio.

Every day, sometimes twice a day, I enter the tub. I turn on the jets and bubbles but not the heat. The cold water stands as a metaphor for life. If you can control your breath and withstand the cold water upon entering, you have found a way to calm yourself down and release tension in your body. Now when there’s a stressful task at hand, the task is your cold water and you need to breathe and push through it. Anyways, I usually enter the tub in the afternoon to get some sun and rid my body of the farmer’s tan I received during the baseball season. When I can really meditate and relax is the second time I go into the tub at night. I am alone out there, to myself, just me and my music playing softly. It’s a surreal experience, honestly. Once I begin to prune and shrivel up, that’s my cue to exit and go to bed.

I wouldn’t be able to do this if I wasn’t confined to my home. I am sometimes grateful for all this free time and being able to put myself on a nice routine. However, I do miss seeing everybody in school and going about my school day. I guess lounging around in my hot tub in sunny and beautiful Florida all day long will suffice for now.