How coronavirus has affected different students’ lives

How have people been staying busy from home?


With everyone home and everything shut down, what are people’s lives like?

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Coronavirus has infected almost two million people worldwide and over half a million in the United State alone. While this is just a small percentage of the population, there probably isn’t a single person in America whose life hasn’t been infected by the coronavirus. While some people are lucky enough to live in areas less populated, those who live in cities have seen their lives turned upside down. Many people are living in total isolation. While the effects of coronavirus are mainly negative, there are some benefits. One of the main upsides of pretty much everything being shutdown is that everyone having an intense amount of free time. You are able to do whatever you desire within the obvious constraints. This is something that I feel is very rare. Not having seen my friends in a while, I was curious to see how much each of our experiences with “corona break” has been. To do this I asked a few of my friends over Facetime what they’ve been doing with the excessive amount of time on their hands.

First was Brock Maloy. He seemed to have mixed feelings about this time off. He said that “I miss being able to see all of my friends in one place and I’m pretty bummed that all of the senior stuff got cancelled. However, my job at Wendy’s has been nice because it essential. I get to work whatever hours they need me and because of that I’m getting rich. It also helps that nowhere is open for me to spend my money.” Brock has been working opening shifts at Wendy’s, waking up at 5 in the morning. He has stayed on top of his schoolwork so far as well. It seemed to me that this freedom has made Brock more productive. Brock added that this makes him excited for college because he has shown that he can manage his time independently.

Next was Cooper Nelson. He seemed to have a very positive attitude about this break. He says that he is glad that he can do the necessary assignments at home on his own time. He says it is a much more logical form of learning for him as an athlete. He has been able to devote more time than ever to baseball and his fitness. He says “I’m most disappointed that the season was cancelled. This was supposed to be our year.” The baseball season was cut short pretty much out of nowhere. This is extremely saddening, especially for those not going off to college ball. Cooper earned an offer from FSU and committed to play baseball there over this corona break. This is a big step in his career. Cooper has used this extra time to get better at baseball.

Lastly was Kyle Ericson. He had a mindset not like the other boys. He misses being able to interact with people and says he is “bored out of [his] mind all of the time.” Kyle’s mother is much stricter about him being out of the house than the other moms, so I think this plays a big part in his opinion. Kyle didn’t have much else to say.

Overall, corona has affected people in different ways. Luckily, many people are taking this time to better themselves. While spending so much time out of the normal schedule of life can be challenging, it is important that we make the best out of it. How exactly we make the best out of it varies from person to person.