Lauren longboards


My beautiful new board!

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Skateboarding, long boarding, penny boarding, etc. They’re all in the same category. Over this quarantine, I’ve been trying to get into a habit of going outside and doing something. I’ve tried soccer, I’ve tried just simply running or doing exercises, and I’ve even tried swimming. but they all weren’t creating a habit for me. I would just do it scattered throughout the week. Until my little sister ordered a longboard, and my mom looked at me and said; “Do you want one too?” I did not know this was the moment that would change me forever.


Days after, the boards arrived. I kept falling off, it was stressful. I thought that I would never get it. I put it in the garage and didn’t touch it for days. but then I thought, I should try again. And so I did. And it was life altering. Even though i wasn’t amazing (and I did fall a couple times) it was exciting. I quickly texted my friends about it and asked anyone who knew if they wanted to go to the Causeway and skate with me.


I have done this for days in a row now and never want to stop. Sunset skating trumps watching it in your car every day. It’s the feeling of the wind in your hair- when you are just gliding and watching the sun go down. It’s like no other.


So if you are looking to pick up a new sport over this long break, get ready for summer and order a board- or any kind. I promise you, you can’t go wrong.