Cooking review


Chicken picatta with broccolini and rice was a Mother’s Day hit.

Alex Plaskon, News Editor

Simply put, I love food. One of my earliest memories as a little girl goes like this: I was a toddler, maybe three years old, living in my little house in Brandon. I remember being next to my dad on the couch, watching famous chef Emeril Lagasse cook on Food Network. Fifteen years or so later, my dad and I are still watching Food Network shows together (our current favorite being Beat Bobby Flay), except now I’m about to leave for college. Therefore, my dad has made every effort to teach me to cook. Mother’s Day 2020 was one of those occasions. We decided to make chicken piccata with broccolini and jasmine rice that night. Although this dish sounds fancy, it’s actually pretty simple and easy to make- here’s how it went.

Chicken Piccata has very few ingredients- just chicken breasts, chicken stock, lemon juice, flour, olive oil, butter and capers (though adding a splash of white wine helps make the flavor richer). First, you’re going to want to clean and season your chicken before dredging (coating) it in flour. Then, you sear it in a skillet with the butter and oil for about 3 minutes. Then, you put the stock, lemon juice, and capers in the same skillet to make a sauce. Once that’s mixed and sizzling, you put the chicken back in for five minutes. That’s it! Very simple recipe that anyone can make. I love this dish because I’m a huge fan of anything coated in a tangy lemon butter sauce. Plus, the capers add a pop of lemony flavor on top of that (weird fact: I love capers so much I always put double what the recipe calls for). The sides for this dish are simple. For the rice, you simply boil it in water. The broccolini is also super simple. If you’re wondering, broccolini is basically “baby broccoli” (I love it because it has a mild, lemony flavor that’s less pungent than broccoli). All you need to do is clean it, then steam it in the microwave. That’s all you need to do.

In the end, this dish was very successful. My mom loved it when she tried it for her Mother’s day dinner. Also, I loved having another opportunity to cook with my dad. I will definitely make this dish again in the future, as it is one of my favorites.