A new school year…will it still be as special?



The new school year has a slightly different look.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

The class of 2020 had to end their final year of high school three months early. Many events that students were looking forward to since the beginning of the year were cancelled, including Grad Bash, prom, and senior breakfast. The county allowed graduation to take place and recognize the students for all their hard work, especially under the circumstances. The staff of East Lake High School worked hard in order for the class of 2020 to end their high school journey on a positive note.


I am now a senior, graduating with the class of 2021. I made the decision to do traditional face to face learning because I learn better hands on. I’ve also watched the previous seniors rule the school for three years, and now it’s my turn. A lot of my friends decided to go online for the first nine weeks, but I met many new faces coming back to school and even made some new friends. It felt so weird knowing that I was going back to school in person after six months and would have to get up at six in the morning. I was a little nervous at first, mainly because I didn’t know how things were going to work. I also forgot the layout of the school and may have gotten lost a couple times on the first day. Right before I left for school, my mom told me “Don’t forget your mask!” I never thought I would hear that sentence, in a sense relating to us students.


When I arrived on the first day, I could already tell that the East Lake administration and staff were taking this seriously. Everyone has been keeping up with sanitizing the classrooms and has been wearing masks properly. I know that the seniors are trying to make it the best year yet. We received our leis on the first day of the school, and the smiles that were on our faces made everyone so happy. Seniors are also undergoing their senior photos and counting down the days before graduation. Even under the conditions, we are still thinking of the positive.


Fall sports; such as football, cross country, swimming and diving and volleyball, just recently started having practices as a group. Although the CDC guidelines prohibit a lot of things that would normally happen during the season, the coaching staff and athletes are bonding together to make it a wonderful season for all the athletes. As far as the seniors go, what other events will actually take place this year? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to that question yet. I know that all seniors would love to have their last homecoming, last spirit week, even their graduation. We as a whole just need to be patient and continue to keep following the protocols given to us, and hope for the best.