Life of a high school hostess


The very place I spend all of my free time.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

I had been told my entire life how when I turn 16, I was going to get a job, and that’s exactly what I did. Three months after turning 16, I started applying at various places, restaurants mostly. All until I was inevitably hired at Grillsmith. I got the job and started working there last July and have been there ever since. Working is great, but there are some times where I really wish I could just be sitting on my couch watching a movie. Last school year, I was working around 30 hours a week plus hours of schoolwork every night. It was hard and sleep was not definitely not a priority. Sleep came at about three hours a night during the week, yet somehow, I was still able to properly function and do it all again every day. This year though, I work around 25 hours a week with little homework so far, so it’s much better and sleep is plentiful. Still though free time is limited, and I have to plan exactly what I’m doing on my two days off as soon as I get my schedule so that I don’t waste my few chances to do things with other people.

Even though free time is scarce for me, I make it work. Working is definitely worth the hassle. Obviously, I love the money, which I do an inadequate job of saving, but also my coworkers and the experiences make it worth it. When I was hired, I was the only minor working there. I shortly became the baby of the restaurant and have been ever since. Even though we’ve hired more minors since, it doesn’t seem as if the servers treat them the same. They look out for me and treat me as their younger sister. Not only my coworkers are great, but the costumers are too. While a some of them can be extremely rude, there are so many regulars and nice old people that come in all the time. For example, my favorite regular is this couple that comes in on Saturday nights and goes to the bar. The man smokes, so every time he comes back in he talks to me, and since quarantine has ended, he has given me a 20 dollar bill three separate times, which makes me very happy. However, some customers are very annoying. From people refusing to put masks on for the 45 seconds it takes to walk to the table to people telling me I’m lying repeatedly when I tell them we’re holding a booth for a reservation (this happened last week when a lady kept repeating to me that I was lying to her as if my answer would change). And honestly, the rude ones make for funny stories. So, all-in-all, I definitely recommend getting a job, just be prepared to have less free time.