My Polaroid camera

An inside view into my life traveling around with my camera.


Here is one of my most recent frozen memories!

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

On my 10th Christmas, I was gifted something that would change my life more than I would know. I was gifted a single Polaroid camera along with some film. I looked up at my mom, smiling wide, and said “I love it”  I had been wanting it for quite some time and was super eager to get my hands on one. and once I did, I was unstoppable.


I was an artsy kid, believe it or not. I was always painting, making music videos, and now I was a ~photographer~ . well, in my eyes of course. I took my camera with me EVERYWHERE, the mall, the movies, roadtrips, I even took it to the doctor’s office a couple times.. my mom always got used to me carrying it around- I even had a satchel for it at one point!


Now at age 16, 2 more Polaroid cameras later, and over 100 packs of film, I am still continually taking Polaroids of people and places I enjoy. It has been a great outlet for me, and honestly. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have some photos from two family cruise ships- which are iconic to me. I took a ton while I was hiking to waterfalls in North Carolina last spring. And endless other nights with friends, family card game nights, or even beach days.


Being the kid who was always the photographer, you develop some skills. These photos are frozen memories I’ll never forget. and I’m so lucky to have them all on film. I can only hope one day my kids will have these tiny glimpses into my life to enjoy and savor. I do it for the small moments, the ones frozen in time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way