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Studies have showed teenagers procrastinate more than adults

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

Procrastination, a word that seems like everyone knows, but for the wrong reasons. I feel almost everyone struggles with procrastination at some point, and can definitely negatively impact work getting done. Every minute spent doing nothing impactful is a minute that you could have done something positive.

So, what exactly is the reason that we procrastinate so often? When procrastination takes place, it is typically on tasks that bore us. The most common example would be on homework or projects, because that just doesn’t seem forth spending long periods of time on. You would much rather hang with friends, play video games, or engage in physical activity than some boring assignments from your teachers. All that comes back to bite you in the long run, but it seems fine in the short term.

Without sugar coating it at all, people suck at their time management skills. People just don’t understand how to use all their time to build up a great project rather than a last second throw up project. What always happens is, a teacher gives their students a month to complete a very long project, but the students play it off like they have plenty of time. Weeks go by and before you know it, the project is due tomorrow and you are screwed. We as students need to do better, but the school board needs to do a better job of teaching time management skills. Rather than teaching useless information, we should spend more time on this subject. This skill is important for the rest of our lives, but yet we have never been properly taught.

Besides the obvious negatives, procrastinating could impact your thinking. I know for me personally if I have work that I need to complete and I’m busy doing something else, me not finishing stays in my mind. I will be continuingly thinking about the assignment, but yet I’m not even working on it. It certainly takes a negative toll on you, and it won’t go away until the task is completed.

No matter who you are, you have suffered some form of procrastination. It’s completely fine to have done it in the past as long as you’ve learned and moved past that point. Now instead of reading this article, why don’t you work on the homework that’s due tomorrow, because you never know if this article was also procrastinated.