Working at Grillsmith: crazy customers


Taylor Thompson

The most amazing face you would see upon entry to Grillsmith.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

I absolutely love working in a restaurant, but some of the people there are just slightly insane. I
work at Grillsmith, which is considered to be a nicer restaurant, but still has some of the
worst people. My manager even said the other day, how the people in this area are so rude
because they’re all old people that retired and moved to the beach who think they’re entitled. I
believe she is completely right.
Just this week, there were multiple less than desirable encounters with customers. I am a
hostess and I also do to-go orders. Just a couple days ago, a woman who ordered a to-go got mad
at me because I had to go run her credit card after I brought up her food, and her food “was
getting cold.” She did not tip me. About a week ago, a customer made my coworker cry because
the customer called her (the other hostess) racist and said she was never coming back to the
restaurant because of her, all because she accidentally skipped her when seating people. This was
only within a week and only a couple out of many rude people to come to the restaurant. This
does not include the vast amount of people who, on the weekends, get very upset that we are on a
wait and act as if they’re more important than the five parties in front of them. Or even the people
who get mad about the temperature of the restaurant. A couple weeks ago, there was a couple
who left because it was too cold, yet they said they’d come before, and it was too cold but did
not bring a jacket.
I love my job and most of the people who come in are very nice. But it’s those few
entitled people that are the worst, but they do make for funny stories. I believe that my manager
was completely right and people around here are just ruder than in other places. Florida is just
another type of place entirely however, there are some good ones in the sea of entitled people. I
believe that working in the food industry is definitely something that everyone should do at least
once in their life, just to be able to experience the vast amount of entitled people that come in to eat
and to understand what the workers of the restaurant industry have to deal with.