Chilly weather


As I said, it is okay to wear the basic cold weather clothing, which can be seen by my flannel that I wore Tuesday.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

It’s officially Fall in Florida when it gets to 60 degree weather for two days after it rains. With the slight amount of cold weather comes the most glorious outfits, including but not limited to jean jackets, flannels, and clothes that are suited to much colder weather. We Floridians cannot handle anything that isn’t scorching hot. As soon as it’s under 80 degrees, the entire state collectively starts to freak out. There are two types of people: the ones who acts like it’s negative two degrees when it’s 70 and those who wear shorts and a t-shirt in 50-degree weather because “it’s just not that cold.” Two sides of the spectrum, yet for some reason that is the majority of people in Florida. Even though there is a winter every year (even though it doesn’t get cold), people still act like they’ve never seen cold weather before. It’s a nice contrast to the scorching hot summers where one starts sweating as soon as they step out of their house.

As soon as it gets slightly chilly outside, the questionable clothing comes out. On Friday alone, when there was a high of 75, I saw at least three people in all of my classes wearing a flannel. Then there are also those who wear winter jackets even though they’re inside all day. And of course, everyone whips out their jean jackets. No one is exempt from doing this, and that’s okay. As a people, there is little variation in style in Florida. However, that is okay and it’s not only Floridians that have a very limited style in the winter. There aren’t a ton of options in this type of weather.