Another day, another crooked car

This is an accurate depiction of how the parking lot looks in the morning. Please fix it.

This is an accurate depiction of how the parking lot looks in the morning. Please fix it.

Mya Mooney, Staff Writer

Parking. A word that either brings fear or really has little to no effect on your mental state. Parking at East Lake High School, now that’s pure horror. One would think that parking your car into a roughly 9×18 rectangular space would be easy, but that apparently is far from the truth. Now there are multiple factors that go into this rapidly occurring issue, such as underclassmen parking in the senior spaces, driving early in the morning, over correction when re-parking, and just being terrible at parking. It is similar to a ” one bad apple spoils the whole bunch situation,” as it has a domino effect.  One person parks crooked or too close to the line, which throws the person beside them off, and so on and so on. It’s a never-ending issue, soon enough a whole entire row is going to be crooked. Pulling into school and seeing the car parked next to you almost on the line or even in your spot creates so much unwanted stress before 7:25 in the morning. Now that’s not the worst parking situation to be in, the absolute worst is being parked in between or having to park between two crooked cars. It’s a lose – lose situation. There is no winning in that situation, you too are going to be parked crooked, no matter how many times you back up and try to park again. You’d think that people would have the common courtesy to try to re-park if they parked awfully crooked, but no, they would rather leave their car parked completely diagonally, no sign of any attempt to straighten out. Maybe some people were simple cursed with not being able to park straight or are driving a new car, which is completely understandable, but this issue has become so widespread in the parking lot.


Imagine pulling into the school parking lot around 7:08 am and seeing your parking spot sandwiched in between two crooked cars. You either suck it up and calmly park your car, or you begin to feel stressed and annoyed. Your reaction is probably the latter because you woke up at an ungodly hour, probably running late and are functioning only because you consumed some kind of caffeinated drink. How could someone park so bad, yet passed their drivers test, which has a parking section of it? Now you are in this unwanted predicament of trying to park, while annoyed and tired. You’ll be lucky if the first time you pull in that you are somewhat straight and not too close to one car, but chances are you are going to have to repark, not one but twice. At some point you have to accept that fact that you, too, will be parked crooked. Alas , you’ve parked your car as straight as you possibly can between two crooked ones, you stay seated and look out the windshield and question why you even bother trying to park straight when no matter what you did, you’re still crooked. It’s a never-ending cycle of crooked parkers, which results in more crooked cars, if it continues at the rate it has been going, soon enough the whole parking lot will be full of cars parked diagonally.


It’s not just people parking crooked, it is also people parking crooked in a spot that is not even theirs. Senior Sean Kirley purchased his senior parking spot, yet every morning he shows up to school, a crooked car that is not his own is parked there. When asked about his feelings toward that particular car he stated, “I get angry because they don’t deserve to park in a spot that I paid for.” These terrible parkers are not only causing a disruption to the uniformity of the parking lot, but parking bad in spots that they did not pay for. I further questioned Mr. Kirley how he felt about crooked parkers as a whole, in which he passionately replied, “It makes me feel like someone needs to teach high schoolers how to park properly.” Rightfully so, Mr. Kirley annoyed that people are unable to park straight in the parking lot and that he cannot even park in his own spot! Surprisingly , not everyone has had a similar experience. Senior Olivia Clift stated that bad parking “hasn’t been an issue for me, but I know people who have gotten their car hit by new drivers who don’t know how to park good.” So not only can they not park straight, or park in their own spots but have now begun to hit other people’s cars when attempting to park. This may be a bigger issue than originally thought, as perfectly parked cars are at risk of being dented by those who could only wish they could park that well.


All in all, parking at East Lake has to be addressed. Crooked parking and stealing the parking spots of other needs to be addressed. Experiencing so much stress in the morning over how to park between two crooked cars, being able to park in your own spot, or fear of being hit by a bad parker, is simply unacceptable. Having raised blood pressure and a raised heart rate every single day at 7:08 am is unhealthy for everyone. To anyone who may be struggling with parking out there, here are some words of advice: park between the lines.