Midterms: is it more stressful this year?

Each class at East Lake High has an exam.

Each class at East Lake High has an exam.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

East Lake students! Midterms week is almost here. It is however, going to be a lot different compared to the previous years. After our wonderful two-week holiday break, we will be coming back to school and studying for our 1st semester exams. Yes, you read that right. We have to take our exams after a break. This will be taking place from Tuesday, January 12th through Friday, January 15th. Now, if you are a high school student, you know that your memory is wiped during break. Most of us forget everything we learned whenever the holidays are coming around. This can be very challenging for some students. Students are very upset that we have to drag last semester’s work on our backs over break.


We have one week to study for these exams, and then that next week is testing week. However, there are exam exemptions this year. As long as you have an A or B average, you may exempt up to three of your midterms. This definitely takes some stress off of students, if they have the acceptable grades. Attendance doesn’t count this year due to COVID, so that takes a big chunk out of the stress.


COVID-19 has definitely taken a toll on our learning this year. Online kids have been stressed about their grades, and stressed about their midterms. Senior Samantha Wylie says, “I have had my math teacher help me more with the content so I can feel confident with what will be on the midterm.” The teachers are even more open to help during these times.


Do you want to feel prepared for your midterms? Some study tips that may help include studying every night for about thirty minutes. You can break up the class into sections and study a different section every night. Make sure you are also getting enough sleep, so you can be more energized in class. Trying to keep your grades up