From nothing to something

I am proud of being adopted and have accepted my complicated background.


Over 20 languages are spoken in Guatemala, many of them being Mayan languages.

Mya Mooney, Staff Writer

Everyone has a story, whether it be complicated or short and simple. These events are major parts of our lives. Sometimes there are some bumps along the way but that’s what makes us humans. My story is not something I share often, but here it is.


I am adopted; I know next to nothing about my biological mother, only that she was illiterate and could not sign her own name on my adoption paperwork. I know nothing about my biological siblings except I had multiple and the one before me passed away due to malnutrition. I know nothing of my medical history or my life before adoption besides my original name and my foster mother’s name. What I do know is that where you come from does not determine where you go in life.


When I was a child many people asked me why I don’t look like my parents or if I consider them my parents since they are not blood related. I never understood why people asked as if it was some kind of a secret; being adopted never bothered me. Being adopted changes your perspective on life. While I was not old enough to remember what life was like in Guatemala, knowing where I came from was enough to give me more of an open mind. Your background does not determine how far you will go in life, you cannot dwell on the past and simply hope to move forward without accepting what happened in the past cannot be changed. I do not dwell on the fact I know nothing about my biological family, or that I came from poverty. I do not feel sorry for myself that I will never meet my biological mother, but I do admire her strength, her strength to realize she could not provide for me and to put me up for adoption. I admire her unwavering love, that she gave me away in hopes I would go to a loving family, even though the decision in itself broke her heart. Her decision gave me a life I would never have had if I was still in Guatemala; I probably wouldn’t even be alive today.


I am proud of my background and I am proud to say that I am adopted. My parents are the driving force that helped me realize that my background doesn’t determine my life. I cannot thank them enough for that. Both of my parents are white, our physical appearance differing greatly, but they taught me to embrace our differences. My mother told me when I was younger that if I ever felt different to look at the palms of my hands because no matter where you come from, our palms of our hands look the same. They never let me get discouraged over the fact my family history is a mystery or let me think my biological mother gave me up because she didn’t love me. My mother and father gave me the strength to push forward in life, love our difference, and to not let the fact I am adopted hold me back.


Embracing my background without dwelling on the struggles that may have branched out from it is the reason I’ve gotten to where I am today. I may have been born to a young woman who did not know who my father was, could not read or write, could not care for me, but that does not define me. I may look different than my parents, my cousins, my friends, and many people who surround me, but differences don’t mean we cannot be family. My background is a motivating factor in my life, a reason to strive to better myself, and a reason to appreciate all that I have. I am the biological daughter of one of the strongest women I have ever heard of, I am the daughter of a loving family who means the absolute world to me, and I am a young woman who gets to determine where I go in life.


Although to some my story may seem less than appealing or complicated, I am proud of where I come from. It is not something I am ashamed of or should be embarrassed about. I embrace my differences. Everyone’s story is different and is constantly in the making but is what brings us closer in some ways, as we are all in this journey together.  Through all the rude remarks made to my family or myself, I would not change my story for the world; it motivates me to do something bigger than myself. You may come from a rough, hard, or complicated upbringing, but you are worth more than your background, and are capable of more than you can imagine.