Extreme Taco Bell Takeover Challenge

A picture taken moments before disaster.

A picture taken moments before disaster.

It’s time for some food challenges. February 23rd was a Tuesday, so we had to do this for Taco Tuesday. We decided to go to the finest of Mexican restaurants, Taco Bell, and order $20 worth of food. If you were unable to finish your meal, then your punishment would be to eat the infamous new “meat mountain” menu item at Arby’s next week.

To make things easy on the Taco Bell staff, we had Will order online, Ryan order through drive-thru, and Alex through the restaurant. You could only imagine the pain of the Taco Bell workers after hearing “can we have 3 separate orders” had we all gone through the drive-thru to order fairly large meals for each of us.

Will and Ryan had sort of the same approach to theirs. Will decided that 12 soft tacos were the best bet for him, with some sort of freeze that Taco Bell offers for $3, which allowed his order to just barely exceed the $20 mark. Ryan followed suit but instead ordered 12 hard shell tacos. Alex decided that he’d be a bit more creative with his approach, adding a bit more variety to his order with three Doritos Locos Tacos, two Cheesy Gordita Crunches, and a Quesarito with a drink, bringing the order up above the $20 mark.

Obviously, there was a lot on the line. The “Meat Mountain” has been a trending topic as of late due to how ridiculous the concept of the item is and how disgusting it looks from photos. It’s basically Arby’s stacking all their meats onto one sandwich, including chicken, bacon, roast beef, etc., which sounds more like some sort of dare than anything. None of us wanted to endure that punishment so we tried our hardest to succeed in this challenge. We were each allowed to donate one taco to our friend Alexander Jamal for allowing us to use his house for the challenge, so we were slightly spared. Going into the challenge Will was definitely the most confident, claiming “this is what I usually get” and that this wasn’t really a challenge for him. For Alex, it was mostly the same as well except with an extra taco or two added on, so he didn’t think he’d be in much trouble. Ryan was the issue, however, as Will had been recently making fun of Ryan for eating only five tacos before tapping out on a previous occasion.

The challenge began and the three of us went to work pretty quickly. It only took a few minutes for Will to finish all eleven of his soft tacos. At this point, Alex had only two Doritos Locos Tacos left to go and Ryan with around four more of his hard shells. It was around this point that we were no longer enjoying our food and just eating to complete the challenge. It’s as if we were getting glimpses of Will Duran’s unfortunate case from the week prior. However, the challenge proved to be no issue, as we eventually finished all $20 of our meals.

Although we all completed this challenge and luckily avoided the Meat Mountain disaster that could have ensued, the real issue is the aftermath. Obviously, eating large amounts of Taco Bell is probably a nightmare for anyone’s stomach or digestive system, so the real horrors are yet to come. We all felt pretty drowsy for the rest of the day and probably won’t be eating tacos for a good while. Next week, however, we might try and spice things up, if you know what I mean.