The unfortunate luck of the class of 2021


The sad events of this pandemic have led to how badly class of 2021 is finishing high school.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

When schools shut down for COVID, the first thing that seniors thought about was how this was going to impact their final year. It ended up being as bad as expected and the class of 2020 missed out on their senior prom, Grad Bash, senior breakfast, and a proper graduation. They also missed out on the final quarter of the year, but class of 2021 has it a whole lot worse then them.


The most confusing year was this year, and the seniors had it the toughest. We had to deal with being online for the final quarter of last year and then this year was a little interesting for everyone. Some were online and some were in person, but it wasn’t a normal year by usual standards. People were quarantined left and right, and some people even were quarantined twice. A few people even had to quarantine three times. This year’s senior class isn’t getting a prom in either year on top of an unpleasant senior year. Not having Grad Bash or a proper graduation isn’t going to be fun either. Sporting events weren’t like they’ve been in the past because of limited capacity. There wasn’t a homecoming, so we had to miss our senior homecoming. A lot didn’t go well for this year’s class and I’m not trying to throw a pity party, but just remember how bad it was for us this year. Hopefully everything goes back to normal and next year’s seniors have a more enjoyable year.