The Blazin’ Boys


We prepared for our spicy meal with a sexy mirror selfie.

We are back with the second challenge of our adventure that will last till the end of the school year. In our last article we promised to spice things up, and the fans loved it so here we are. This week on the lineup is the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ challenge. This challenge consisted of each of us eating four wings covered in the hottest sauce that B Dubs offers.

The hottest sauce that Buffalo Wild Wings has is called Blazin’. The sauce ranks 350,000 on the Scoville scale (a scale for ranking various types of peppers) which puts it above Habanero peppers but below Ghost pepper. Some places even make you sign a waiver to try this sauce, but we did not have to. The challenge we came up with was that we all had to finish the four wings and the first person to drink water lost, meaning the last one to drink water wins. The winner would get his next meal paid for by the loser. Going into this challenge we were all kind of scared but did not want to show it. Some of these sauces are insanely spicy and Ryan was by far the most hesitant to accept the challenge.

Ryan kindly offered to drive and after about 30 minutes round trip, we had our wings sitting in front of us. If the smell of the wings indicated anything, it’s that we all will be wanting that water sooner or later. The wings were evenly divided out and the challenge was underway. It was immediately evident that Alex could feel the spice and his upper lip began to profusely sweat, but he carried on like the soldier he is and finished his wings before the others. Will finished second and Ryan finished shortly after. In total the eating portion only look about eight minutes for all three of us. The burning sensation from the spice is masked through chewing, so once the last wing is finished and you are just sitting there, that is when it hits you. The spice is everywhere in your mouth at once, but surprisingly it was not too bad. We could all definitely feel the spice, but it was not overwhelming just a nagging presence in one’s mouth. We all agreed that we thought it was going to be way worse and, in the end, no one ended up losing. Will went on to eat more food as usual and Ryan and Alex brainstormed the next challenge. We all agreed that after five minutes we could drink water because our mouths were very dry. No one needed water earlier, so it was deemed that no loser presented himself. We will make sure this is not going to be the case next week.

In the end, the challenge was not bad at all and we seemed to struggle as a group more with the Taco Bell challenge. The spiciness of the wings was lackluster and almost disappointing, but they tasted good, and we all enjoyed the meal without any difficulties. Next week we will have to challenge ourselves more and an idea will be locked in by this weekend.