The worst week of my life

The week that changed my mindset on sunscreen.


According to Google, this is the most effective sunscreen. Use it.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Normally, over spring break high school students in Florida will go to the beach, the Causeway, Honeymoon, Clearwater, etc. for fun… The beach is a major part of being a teenager in Florida, so one Wednesday afternoon a bunch of friends and I decided we would spend the day at Indian Rocks Beach. From 10 AM to 8 PM, we were in the sun. You would think being in the sun all day, you would be smart enough to wear sunscreen. But apparently, none of us prioritized that.


It was that day, Wednesday, March 17th, 2021, where I got the worst sunburn of my life. Now, I know the importance of sunscreen. I grew up in Florida; my mom would layer it on when we were kids. I swear, we went through at least two bottles every single time we went to the beach. So now that I think I’m all grown up and can go to the beach without my mom reminding me to put sunscreen on every hour, I decided, why even wear it? I said, “a burn will turn into a tan” and boy was I mistaken.


That night, I could barely drive home. I had the chills and my whole body felt bruised. I slept with five blankets on and stayed in the same position the whole night. I couldn’t move. I woke up that Thursday morning sick to my stomach. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and discovered, I didn’t just have a bad sunburn, I had sun poisoning. The pain didn’t go away for five days, I could barely walk. I stayed in bed for hours on end and even went to the hospital. They just told me I had to rest the pain away.


I said it a million times but never again, the burn is not worth the tan. And with summer coming around the corner, don’t be like me; wear sunscreen!