Noodles from Hell


The look of the spiciest food on the planet

It’s week 3 of the weekly food challenges, and it was definitely our toughest test yet. We decided to eat Samyang Chicken flavored Ramen that happened to be spicy times two. I still haven’t learned what’s in these South Korean noodles, but the mystery adds a different element. The goal for this challenge is to finish your bowl of noodles without drinking anything.

Ryan and Alex have both tried these noodles before, but not these specific spicy times two noodles. When they tried the reduced kind, it was pretty intense, but it was manageable. They both were able to drink water at the time so it wasn’t horrible. William hasn’t tried these kinds of noodles before and isn’t the biggest spice guy anyway. He definitely was predicted to come in last place for this challenge.

Alex was kind enough to buy the noodles and prepare them for us as he evenly distributed between the three bowls and the challenge has begun. From the jump Alex had one goal in mind and that was to not only finish, but to finish first. He was hounding down those noodles and didn’t start to feel anything until about 15 seconds in. It was evident that the spiciness was getting intense and was slowly getting worse and worse. So, you probably think that he eventually gave up after a little bit of time since his mouth was on fire, but Alexander Kajda isn’t your average human. He’s an absolute stud and was able to completely finish his bowl clean.

Will did the complete opposite as Alex, and to say he struggled would even be considered a stretch. Around ten seconds in, Will was hurting badly and let the spice overtake him. He tried as best as he could, but was unfortunately not able to eat as much as he was hoping. Coming in little experience was a disadvantage, but shouldn’t have been this bad. It was a terrible showing, and should stick to volume eating.

Ryan was directly in the middle with his performance eating a little more than half of the noodles. He was expecting it to be difficult, but couldn’t image it being that hard. Ryan and Will both agreed to stop eating at the same time and take a drink, but Ryan obviously ate more at the time. He came in second place and hopes to take first in the next challenge.

Once the challenge was over all three of us ate ice cream and drank milk for the next 30 minutes to get the taste out. It wasn’t great for our stomachs, but we still played basketball directly after and dominated. We finally have our first winner in our food challenge series and belongs to Mr. Kaji.

Will’s bowl(top), Alex’s bowl(left), Ryan’s bowl(right)