It’s coming to an end

College is right around the corner.

College is right around the corner.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

We are in our final quarter of our senior year and it honestly feels weird and sad. All the memories that were made from elementary to high school have been secured, but what’s left for me?


The biggest change that will happen is leaving your friends as you all find somewhere comfortable around Florida. I know people going to FSU, UF, USF, SPC, and FGCU; but I’m attending UCF, which is in Orlando. Some of my friends I’ve known since early elementary school, so not seeing them for long periods of time will be extremely weird. Although, I am being a bit over dramatic since I can see them all during the breaks, but it’s still long periods of time without them.


It’s best to not to overthink before heading into college, since so many people enjoy the experience. So many new faces and an essential restart on your image could never hurt. You can meet a lot of great people and do a lot of fun activities with them. While my class may have not had the fairest senior year and a bit of junior year, that stuff isn’t going to matter years down the road and it is key to stay as positive as possible. I will stay in touch with my high school friends as much as possible to see how much life changed for them, and hopefully it was for the better.


Being able to live by myself next year will be an adventure that I’m ready for, but how ready am I actually?  The feeling that I actually made it won’t hit me until I’m on campus and can’t wait. Everyone has their own separate path, so don’t feel pressured to do or go somewhere just because others are doing the same. When you walk across the stage with your cap and gown, you completed one chapter of your life and are now entering a new one.