My high school experience


My last four years have been here.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

It doesn’t feel too long ago when it was my first day of high school and now I have only a week of school remaining. I can safely say that each of the four years was unique and different, some for the worse and some for the better. I was a part of the class of 2021 which was easily the worst class to be a part of, but at the end of the day who cares.


My freshman year was honestly a tough one and quick reality check for high school in general. I didn’t necessarily have the best grades in a few classes, not helping out my final GPA. All the activities outside of school were fun like the football games, but the biggest thing that happened this year was getting my friends. My friend group was made during this year adding in some fun people to be around while keeping a lot of my friends from middle school and even a few from elementary. This made freshman year nice while we played a variety of sports, made YouTube videos such as bottle rocket explosion, and had an overall great time. Hopefully the bond with most will stay beyond high school.


My sophomore year would probably be my most fun year, because of the kind of classes I was in. There were three or four classes that I actually looked forward, because of the people in these classes. This year was also the first year I tried out wrestling. Was I good at it? No not really, but I enjoyed doing it and stayed with it for the next three years. I met some cool people while on the team as well. My most enjoyable year award would go to my sophomore campaign.


My junior year, to put it shortly, was long. I decided to take four APs this year and boy was it a lot to handle. Taking AP U.S. with Mr. Kay was already difficult, but adding another three was probably a mistake. I did, however, always have a decent grade in all four, which is all that matters in the end. We did get our fourth quarter taken away from us which sucks, because of no prom. That entire final quarter was kinda a joke, because teachers either assigned no assignments or they loaded up with useless ones. Junior year was supposed to be a big year in terms of how you well you do before college, and technically it was but not for the right reasons.


My senior year was a fun one filled with my favorite teachers from all of high school. Two great teachers I had were Mrs. Lundgren and Mrs. Percy. Oh, and how could I forget Mrs. Barbieri and having the luxury of having her two straight periods! The school was half full most of the year making it slightly more peaceful, but boring at the same time. Nothing really was exciting this year, because if the circumstances and I’m okay with that. Not having homecoming or a senior prom kinda sucked, but beyond that this year was a mellow one.


I know of some people that say their high school experience sucked, but I though mine was fine. The friends I made and the lessons I was taught at school and out of school made it worth it. If you get past the rich kids who drive a convertible at 16 and the kids who peaked in high school, the kids here were pretty nice. Hopefully our following seniors can have a normal year, and an overall good experience. Peace out.