To my best friend


“Friends are the sunshine of life” –John Hay

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

The time is 7:18 on August 28th 2021. Eleven days after the passing of your father. The day of his memorial service. I saw you today and you wore a smile on your face, but I knew the pain that was suffocating your heart. To be frank, I have no idea what this must be like for you and I know that any words, gifts, or love will never make up for the love that he gave you. One thing that I do know for sure however, is that as he smiles down upon you, you will grow stronger through his everlasting love.

I never knew your dad on a personal level, but I know you Jessie. I know the strength and beauty that you are. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I get you as a best friend and I don’t believe that I am deserving to have you in my life. No matter what, whether I’m crying to you over snapchat or spamming you with texts about the new guy that I like, everything that I say to you, you remember and you care. Even about the stupidest things, like when I’m crying about the new pimple that is on my face or ranting about Mr. Kay’s notes, I have you to depend on. I have never felt any judgement from you. All I have ever felt is unconditional love and support. You are my right hand and my shoulder to cry upon. Nothing and no person could ever compare to the compassion and love that you show me on a daily basis.

I will forever cherish the nights on facetime where we send each other countless pictures of old memories and laugh until we cannot breath. You bring such a light into my life I can never express how grateful I am for you. We have known each other since 6th grade and grew close to each other in 8th grade science class. Thank you Mrs. Connolly for the children’s book assignment about the sun, in which we titled “Queen Corona,” whose name did ultimately not age well. I could sit here forever and write about all of the amazing memories that we share and the endless list of inside jokes, like the acai bowl and Nancy Mulligan, but for the sake of not taking five years to write this, I will only include those.

Jessie, you are my number one person, forever. You always know how to boost my confidence and refuse to let me talk about myself in a negative manner. You always know what to say and you know how to listen. You know me and I know you and together we make each other stronger. If I have learned anything in the last week and four days is that you are the strongest person that I know. The way that you are already on your feet, back at school and laughing truly baffles my mind (but in the best way possible). You have a spirit to you that makes the world a bright place in the midst of darkness. Life with you in it is the best. When I am around you I know that I am in a safe place and can say whatever I need. Oh, and by the way you are literally the best photographer in this entire world and I can only aspire to live up to your talent.

The purpose of me writing this to you is to simply say thank you. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for understanding me in a way that no one else does. Thank you for being my locker buddy and for all of the daily selfies. Thank you for being the first person I run to when I need a hug. Thank you for being the first person I run to in good news or bad. Thank you for showing me what true friendship is like. Thank you for loving Ed Sheeran as much as I do. Thank you for telling me when I’m too good for a boy. Overall, thank you for being you.

I have said it to you about a million times, but I will continue to say it forever, I love you so much and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I look up to you in awe every day (literally because you’re like two heads taller than me). I aspire to have a smile as contagious as yours and I walk in your example. I am here for you at all times, day or night, and I will always be holding your hand through every journey in life. As we walk across the stage at graduation in the spring, your dad will be right there with you holding your hand and probably crying because of how proud he is.

He loves you more than anyone ever could, and I will let him win that argument even though I do believe that I am the runner up. I love you, Jessie, and I hope that one day you will be able to see yourself the way that I see you.

The one question that I cannot answer for you and the advice that I cannot give is how to deal with his passing. What I can do is be here for you and remind you every day that you matter. You matter to me and everyone that you have ever met.

To anyone reading this that has lost someone, know that there is love out there for you and people that have your back even though is doesn’t feel like that is the case. Know and believe that things can and will get better. Whoever you lost is your angel now and that has nothing to do with religion. Your angel is living inside of you and your heart, you can take the love that they showed you in their life and use it to spread that same love and kindness to others. Life can be cruel, but life can also be beautiful.

I love you Jessie, forever.

  • Makayla