My whom-mate

Being a fraternal twin


My parents

My twin and me at a pumpkin patch (age 4).

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Many people would argue that having a twin would be the best thing ever. People who think this clearly do not have a twin. There are definitely ups and downs, but I guess it’s cool to have someone to go through things with i.e. monumental stages of life like your first day of middle school or high school, getting your driver’s license, graduation, or first times for everything and everything regular siblings do not get this. When we were young, we used to fight all the time but as the years went on, we grew closer especially when our older sister moved away for college.  It’s kind of like having a built-in best friend but since you have to live with them… it’s more complicated than that.


My sister and I are complete opposites. She is hyper and outgoing whereas I am more calm and reserved. I like my things and room nice and clean and she couldn’t care less. She makes friends easily; I do not. However, we enjoy a lot of the same everyday things like working out, going to the beach, going out to get food, making food, listening to the same music, etc. Since we do so many things together there are no short of disagreements and arguments about pointless sibling things. These things include her taking my clothes, her “calling dibs” on taking our shared car, her refusing to pay for gas because she “doesn’t think it’s her turn yet” and she “doesn’t have any money,” and many other things.


With being a twin, comes some dependency and reliance on one another. I rely on her to be the outgoing one and to talk to teens our age and she relies on me to keep her entire life in check. We stick together, this only makes sense because humans don’t like change and unfamiliarity. With this being said, college will be a tough decision for next year on whether we want to go to the same school or go our own paths for once. We have some of the same interests major wise–we have talked about starting a business together or majoring in something else and then minoring in business–but we are still undecided about it. I really don’t think she’ll survive without me (kidding, kind of).