Arizona Adventure

Lauren Mccloy’s trip around the great state of Arizona!


Here are four visuals of why you should visit Arizona.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I don’t know about you, but when I think of states, Arizona isn’t even in the top ten for me. Granted, I honestly didn’t know what was in Arizona- other than the Grand Canyon, which was completely different then I imagined but we will get into that… Anyways, when my mom told me we were going to Arizona I was a bit surprised. My mom is a huge nature fanatic, but she is an even bigger waterfall fanatic. Arizona is all dry and deserts. No waterfalls… So I was wondering what we were going for… Cacti?


We had a 4am flight. Could not even sleep the night before- but I was excited. The flight felt like forever there and the time change definitely threw me off. As soon as I stepped off the plane and looked out the Phoenix airport window I felt like I stepped foot in a different world. I was surrounded by red rock mountains and absolutely no grass in sight. We headed to Sedona straight from the airport and stayed in this clay like house. Every building in Sedona was structured like red clay. Even the McDonald’s (which had a blue arch, apparently so it looks appealing next to the red rocks). Our first day in Arizona we tried In and Out. As Floridians, my family and I have not yet had an opportunity to try one of the most famous fast food places in America- as half of America doesn’t even have it! And to sum up that experience… it’s overrated. It’s not bad at all! I got a lettuce wrapped burger and animal fries (which are basically fries, onions, and their “secret sauce”). And it just tastes like any other fast food place.


Sedona itself, though, is just adorable. Many roundabouts though! Would definitely rather walk then drive. We went to literally any red rock we could find. Especially during sunrise and sunset. The views were unimaginable. We would drive out and around- we went to this one canyon named Antelope Canyon. The Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation and only authorized tour companies can take visitors to the canyon. Our tour guide was amazing and helped us take the best photos possible. It was genuinely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life.


Now, the Grand Canyon. I remember seeing photos of it as a kid, but it was nothing compared to seeing it first-hand. It looks like a screen- absolutely unreal. When we looked at it as kids we saw it from a high up view. But when you are standing on the side of a canyon, you understand just how grand it is. And it is quite grand. The first thing that my sister and I said to each other when we finally took it all in was, “That was not what I was expecting.” My mom, who has already seen the Grand Canyon twice before, laughed and questioned our narrowed mindset. Another amazing view we saw on our trip was Horseshoe Canyon, which is quite literally one of the scariest edges I’ve ever been on. But after seeing it in real life I put together the name and the view. I’ll include a photo for reference.


All and all, Arizona should be on everyone’s bucket list. The views are absolutely life altering and have so much history behind all of them. These are the beauties of America that we don’t appreciate enough being confined in one place for too long. So do yourself a favor and add Arizona to your traveling bucket list!