And the winner of the 21-22 Hoco week goes to…me

I won homecoming week and here’s why.


The seniors have waited four years to be senior citizens.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

Day 1: Tacky Tourist

Equipped with a camera and a visor, I was ready to explore the great nature of Florida. Despite the one cold day that we get a year, I was able to conquer the day in short sleeves and shorts which only shows my dedication. I was wearing a Hawaiian styled shirt that even had parrots on it, and a lei. To top it off, I was evidently sunburnt on my cheeks because I’ve been spending my vacation on the beach bathing in the sun and not thinking about the fact that I am going to severely damage my skin. To be fair, I did apply sunscreen onto my nose so I guess I’m protecting my skin somehow. As I was exploring the halls on the great tourist attraction of East Lake High School, I was greatly disappointed as I didn’t see many people dressed up. Although I was put up against some competition, I don’t think that anyone could have topped my outfit.

Day 2: Mardi Gras

I came to school on Tuesday ready to pardi. I was wearing a green skirt, a yellow top, and a purple sweater showing my spirit. I even had a purple scarf and was being weighed down by beads all day. My dedication to this outfit was great and I simply topped everyone else. I mean I even had green, purple, and yellow clips in my hair and big gold earrings. I killed this outfit and shined brighter than everyone else. I was again greatly disappointed at my fellow classmates for only a sparse number of them actually dressed up. The greater population came to school with a single bead around their neck. That was extremely embarrassing for them. Anyway, my Mardi Gras outfit was the best yet.

Day 3: Music Genre

Not only do I never listen to rap music and solely enjoy artists such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, this outfit was so far from my comfort zone. However, I did a superb job of sporting a gangster rap style. I was tatted up, even on my face, had a backwards hat and wore gold chains and two chokers. I was surprised that I still managed to look cute despite dressing in the complete opposite of my style. In fact, the cross on my forehead was written in sharpie and I had to go to work two hours after school ended…yes, I stood in the bathroom and violently scrubbed my face for an hour. This only goes to show my dedication to the cause and earns me bonus points. Therefore, I again was successful in winning yet another day of hoco week.

Day 4: Generations day

Generations day has always been the highlight of every school year. I have always gone all out and ensured that my costume topped everyone else, and this year I did not fail to do just that with my hair curlers from Target, my pearls, cane, a DNR form, and a hospital gown that my nurse sister stole just for the cause. I also blinded myself all day with my mom’s reading classes and suffered from a headache when I got home. Further, my makeup wrinkles looked extremely realistic and just added to my persona of being a senior citizen. Most seniors went with the more easy route and only stole things from their grandma; however, I went all out once again and therefore proves as to why I was the best dressed.

Day 5: Sprit day/anything but a backpack day

The rainy Friday was extremely representative of how I was feeling knowing that this was my last ever homecoming dress up day. To add to that sadness, I also attended my very last high school football game, and yes I did indeed cry in the Blue Crue section. Despite my sadness I really did better with my spirit than anyone else did if we’re being honest. I not only arrived in my Blue Crue shirt, I also added blue sparkles on my face and risked acquiring more acne. I was again disappointed with our student body for not participating in anything but a backpack day. Although it was a last minute decision to incorporate this day into the week, it was a necessity for students to participate. I stored all of my school supplies into my guitar case and honestly, it was extremely fun. I obviously again won this day by a landslide.