Sorry, I have Senioritis

I don’t have the motivation left to come up with a good headline


With the end of my high school experience coming up very rapidly, the motivation to accomplish anything school related is declining even faster.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

For almost twelve years now, I have been attending school five days a week without ever failing a class and putting my all into everything that I do academically. However, I have found myself in quite the decline lately when it comes to putting in effort. Don’t get me wrong, I am still working as hard as I can and doing my work (even if it’s not on time) but I have definitely felt extremely low on energy and drive lately.

Although it was a struggle before, the time change has definitely created an impact on my performance. I am constantly tired and groggy and sleeping all of the time, therefore leaving my schoolwork to be accomplished in the middle of the night. With the sun setting at 5PM every night, my schedule has been completely off of the rails and I have had no determination to accomplish anything. My new schedule consists of coming home from school and sleeping until 8PM if I don’t have work, eating dinner, doing some of my homework and then heading back into my slumber. I seriously feel like a zombie these days.

Other than the time change conflicting with my mood, I believe that another great factor as to why I am feeling so unmotivated is that I have already accomplished all that I need to accomplish for high school. I have had all of my credits since the second semester of my junior year that I need to graduate and I achieved all of my required courses. On top of that, I have received multiple college credits. Reflecting on all of these accomplishments leads me to believe that I simply don’t need to work as hard anymore and deserve a break (even though my mom strongly disagrees with my reasoning here).

Just to add to my leaning tower of zero motivation, I already have applied to many schools and scholarships and have my next two years completely laid out. With that said, my brain processes is calculating that right now I can simply enjoy my senior year and not get caught up in the constant stressors that I have worried about previously. To take into consideration all that I have already done, I have convinced myself that I can lay back and not put everything that I have into my school work.

My junior year was by far the most complicated and challenging school year of my life. With my four AP classes, two honors, and two online classes, I was a basket case of stress. On top of that, I had to switch to online midway through the school year due to protecting my grandpa from getting Covid. Last year definitely burnt me out even though I can say that I am extremely proud of myself for coming out of that year with A’s and B’s. With this said, this year is definitely a lot easier, in that I am taking three AP classes that are all electives so that I find them enjoyable, and the rest of my classes are enjoyable as well. It is still difficult, however, to keep the motivation going especially because I know that none of my classes are needed to graduate.

The advice that I can give to all of the incoming seniors and underclassmen is to not create a schedule for yourself that is almost impossible. There is no denying that a rigorous schedule is not a good thing, but it leads to feeling burnt out and therefore leaving yourself with little motivation left. With the little time that I have left in high school, I want to enjoy myself and participate in all of the fun senior activities while still accomplishing my work.