If you could change anything about the school, what would it be?

If you could change anything about the school, what would it be?

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

All of us have definitely experienced a point in time where we wished we were in charge of everything so we could change the school to what we wanted it to be. For example, some students wish to change the amount of homework we are given, or the dress code, and even the school food. Everyone in America knows public schools aren’t what students wish they were, but is our education worth the time spent in a public school?

We all hate homework, except for those very few students that actually enjoy getting homework. We think it’s unnecessary and hurtful to a student’s mind. Science shows that because of excessive amounts of homework, students are not able to meet their developmental needs or cultivate other critical life skills. In other words, students are more likely to give up extracurricular activities, spend less time with friends and family, and stop pursuing their hobbies. Unfortunately, homework is kind of fundamental for success in the education system in America. If we don’t turn in our homework, we get zeros, hurting our grades, which can prevent us from moving forward in education. If we focused more on learning instead what we learn- quantity over quality- then we would absorb the teachings better while having less anxiety attacks.

Dress code is also another “problem” students wish to fix. Why though? We would like to feel free in what we wear. By that, I mean we should be able to express ourselves in our clothing instead of coming to school and feeling like some adult is going to sexualize our ripped jeans. The shoulders too. Honestly, I don’t even know where the shoulder thing came from. With society changing, trends change, and what society wears changes, which effects the clothes we have to wear. Especially girls. We go to school knowing we can’t wear half of our closet because the school thinks it’s inappropriate. Knowing that the school views our tank tops as sexual makes us feel horrible. No woman deserves to feel that way. And for what reason? Not a very good one, I’ll say.

School food is a different story. Unless we control government funds and, well, basically everything in America, school food isn’t really going to change. Yeah, we can agree it tastes like trash, but what are we going to do about it. Petition? Protest? Boycott? Ask yourselves this: would those actions really reach your goal. Put it in the mind of the president. Would little petitions really fix the amount of money the country can spend on school food? No. It would not. Unfortunately, school food isn’t really something we can change, but you can change its effect on you. Instead of eating bad food, take food from home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gourmet meal, just a sandwich and a small bag of chips or something. I do know that school food is mainly for students that can’t afford to bring their own food. In this case, by all means eat all the food you want.

These situations are tough. We have to view them from multiple perspectives. From the view of the person making the decision and from the people that decision affects. Only then will we really understand why a decision was made and why it impacts someone the way it does.