My Christmas Vacation

Feliz navidad mi familia, te amo y difrutanse


Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

My Christmas began with a six-hour road trip; we drove from here to Orlando to Hinesville, Georgia. It was nauseating. I get car sick, so this was not a pleasant experience. My younger sister and I haven’t seen my grandparents – dad’s side – in about three years. They were extremely excited to hear that we were coming over for Christmas break. My grandpa got a Nintendo Switch for us to play games together, and my grandma got all our favorite foods and snacks.

It was good seeing them again. When we got to Hinesville, it seemed as though nothing had changed, so it felt normal to be there. We felt like we were there just only a few weeks ago. We went into the city and went shopping at outlets and malls. I got a cardigan and a fluffy white, long sleeve shirt. My sister, Kayla, got these really cool looking black and gold Jordans and some clothes too. We ate pretzels outside, ordered takeout; it was fun.


Christmas morning was long. We woke up and my grandpa and I made some waffles. We put blueberries on them and syrup with whipped cream too. They were delicious. Then we wanted to wait for my dad to get there so we could all open presents. He lives less than an hour away, so we got to spend the week with him as well. When he got there, we opened gifts right in front of the Christmas tree. I opened a beautiful guitar, three fascinating books, and the Air Pod Pros. I love these gifts.


A few days later, we went to go see my mom her sister and kids in Orlando. There, I opened the ninth generation iPad with an Apple pen and a light blue case too. I was surprised that I got the iPad considering it was a short notice desire. I am so grateful for these gifts, and there’s nothing else I could ask for that would mean more to me than these gifts.