Winter break and Covid

How the new variant affected my winter break.


Representation of my self-quarantine

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

To preface, my sister’s boyfriend’s dad had been sick for a while and had ended up with Covid. My sister had been hanging out with her boyfriend for days on end while he was also visiting home to see his father. My sister was supposed to come back home for the holidays and then leave on Christmas for a one-week trip to New Mexico with her boyfriend and his family. She ended up coming home and the first night she slept in my room (her room is no longer hers). The following day she woke up sick as anything and was in bed all day.


My twin and I were to go to a college football game that night with our friends, while we were there, we got a “your sister is positive for Covid, stay away from everyone” text from our mother and we thought that was the moment our winter break was over. We came home to our mother cleaning everything everywhere at 1 am. That night my sister slept alone, and my twin and I stayed in my room in my clean sheets. That morning my throat started to hurt and I thought nothing good could come from this.


The next day was Christmas, I woke up with every symptom in the book. This was the worst Christmas I’ve ever had, I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep. Then came the positive Covid test, which was the end of my break. I spent the whole two weeks in quarantine being sick and doing absolutely nothing but binge-watching shows as there was not much to do that I could do. I would like to send thanks to my sister and her boyfriend. I could not have done it without them.