A month in Mexico City

Some may ask, why would you go to Mexico City of all places? And what did you do for a whole month?

View of the heart of Mexico City from the office of my agent

View of the heart of Mexico City from the office of my agent

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Mexico City, just like any other city, is beautiful and unique. You may think that because of the underdevelopment that it is expected, that it may be one of the cities not worth the visit but from the culture, history, and color, compared to the lack thereof in American cities, this city truly was an experience. Though there is no air conditioning in most places, it is cool enough there that you don’t need it. Everything in within walking distance and they have a lot of common stores, restaurants and hotels as they do in America. There is a lot of familiarity in the city, minus the language barrier. The city is not very touristy, but it is surprisingly very easy to get around with simple phrases and with a little help from Google translate to help read things like signs, menus, books etc.  As long as you know the bare minimum, as you would learn in Spanish 1, you are able to make it around with little issue. Another positive to visiting Mexico City is that it is very cheap for things such as Uber, food, groceries or anything compared to common expenses in America. Everyone is very sweet and easy to talk to; as long as you are in the right place, there are not many issues. 


Now to the whole reason we chose to go to Mexico City was that my modeling agent sent me to work there in early June till early July. She sent me to get experience, grow my portfolio, and to book some jobs. When she first mentioned it to me I was like… this is insane. Mexico City? What the heck am I going to do there? It turned out to be a very fun, new and eye-opening experience. I got to meet new people, experience different culture and try my take in the modeling world. 


My mom and I spent the whole month there and with all this time, we did a ton of sight seeing and museum visits. We went to so many museums, it could last a lifetime. We went to the Frida Kahlo’s house museum and we also went to the pyramids with my friend who was also staying in Mexico at that time. With everything in walking distance and it being very cheap, it was easy to do everyday things like grocery shopping, shopping, and travel. There are many large parks to visit with historic statues everywhere. With many cafes, malls, and restaurants, there is no short of options for everyone. No matter what you are in the mood for, from Mexican to Italian food to Chinese, they have it all. For inexpensive activities within walking distance, I recommend you visit this beautiful city.