My Valentine’s Day

“Mi vida es vida solo contigo, si tu no estas, no tiene sentido, amor. Lo que quiero y necesito.” – Camilo y Evaluna


Beautiful red tulips set the tone for an amazing day.

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

February 14, 6:00 am

The toughest part of my day, besides staying awake during history, is getting out of bed. I always hate having to get up from my bed when it’s the most comfortable, especially so early in the morning. However, what began as a slow, groggy morning soon became the start of a very good day. We all know how one message from that one person makes our whole day. Well, that morning my boyfriend texted me good morning, and that was the moment I knew it was going to be a good day. Then he told me to hurry because he was going to drive us to Starbucks, which we’ve never done.

I was so excited when he arrived. When I opened the car door, he had a red heart balloon that said, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” these beautiful red tulips, a big heart-shaped box with delicious chocolates (they’re almost gone now), my favorite bar of chocolate, and the softest stuffed blue dinosaur plushie. I never had someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, other than my elementary school classmates who always brought in candy with everyone’s names on them. This was a first, and I am glad I got to spend it with someone as amazing as him. My day was off to an amazing start.

Next thing I know, we’re at Starbucks, and I order a tall green tea lemonade. Oddly enough, coffee makes me sick. At this point, I had my sugar, my Starbucks, and my love right next to me. My day is going great. My first three periods were relaxing, considering I was sleeping, watching a movie, and reading my book. The last four periods weren’t as stressful as they usually are on a normal day, which I was eternally grateful for.

When I got home, I was telling my mom all about my day. You could tell the amount of awe and admiration on her face. Later, when my boyfriend came over, we played with his VR set he brought and watched TV while my mom cooked a delicious dinner for us all. She made steak with homemade mashed potatoes, corn, baked beans and sweet bread. Once he left, the rest of the night was filled with the sound of the TV watching our weekly show, which we never miss.

Looking back at it, my Valentine’s Day was spectacular. Granted, I didn’t receive a gold necklace or some huge bouquet of flowers, and I didn’t want any of that anyways. I couldn’t have pictured a more amazing day, nor could I have asked for a better boyfriend. He’s all I ever wanted and needed. To say the least, my day was great, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.