I got my wisdom teeth out


Here is me right after getting my wisdom teeth surgery.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

It has been approximately five hours since I got my wisdom teeth removed and lemme tell ya, it hurts. I was the type of kid who would scream and cry on the way to the dentist, walk in and realize it isn’t so bad. But I take back everything nice I said about them. Because the way I feel right now, I never want to step foot in a dentist office again.


Before my surgery I met with an oral surgeon to talk about the process. It didn’t seem so bad. They made it sound like a quick and easy process. but when they told me my surgery would be in two weeks. I was scared. At least once a day I would explain to someone how scared I was to get my wisdom teeth removed. Because genuinely I was terrified. But sooner or later the day came, it was the morning of my wisdom teeth removal.


I took medication before leaving the house that helped with my anxiety, but it made me so completely drowsy and out of it. I don’t remember much of the process honestly. They injected me with something and the rest was history. I passed out. According to my mom, they wheeled me out to the car, I personally have no recollection of this at all. But the pain that came after and is continuing, I won’t forget. Apparently, I asked to stop at Starbucks for a frappuccino, which was kinda embarrassing considering I work at the one we stopped by. Then I bought my whole cart of clothing off Princess Polly and took a lot of pictures of everything. I remember none of this.


My teeth got ripped out and my gums stitched up. I only had three wisdom teeth, which I guess is better than four. But as I continue lying in my bed spoon feeding myself smoothies, I wonder when my mouth will stop being in pain, and when my cheeks will stop looking like I’m a chipmunk. Overall a -7/10 experience.