My four-year newspaper journey

From freshman to senior year. It’s been a ride.


My footprint on the ELHS Talon.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I am what those would call a veteran staff member. I’ve been here since the good ol’ days of bringing up story ideas on the back white board and going row by row, dividing who was going to write what. I remember my first day freshman year walking into Mrs. Barbs’ class. It was nuts. 90% of the students were seniors and then there was me and like four other fresh meat. I am not even being dramatic when I say there were so many people; some were sitting on the floors criss-crossed almost every day. Now, three years later, things are definitely different. But my passion for this class has never waved, and never will. And I’ve recommended it to almost every underclassman. This class is and will always be a safe space, and it is what inspired me to write as I do.


Applying to colleges is a stressful and nerve-racking thing, and it’s that time of year again, where senioritis comes in full swing and the motivation to work plummets. But when I tell you, Mrs. Barberi is the most understanding and supportive teacher out there. In this class you are given all the creative freedom you want and more. If you look back at my website stories I’ve written about everything and anything you can imagine. Even my cat. I think I wrote about him twice actually.


And although I haven’t done the actual printed newspaper stories in two years, I still remember the way it felt to see my story on the cover for the first time. I remember handing them out and going door to door handing packets of them to the teachers. I kept that feeling so close to my heart. Even though the story was about that Storm Area 51 raid, which feels like such a foggy event thinking back. I gave copies of it to everyone I knew, my mom had it hung up on the fridge until we moved just last year. It was such an indescribable feeling.


This class is the gateway to so many things. Plus having one of the best teachers at East Lake is a big plus too. So, if any underclassmen are reading this, the newspaper is rated a 10/10 every. single. year.