Teacher trade-out

A new teacher joins the engineering department as another leaves the math department.


With both Ms. Soto’s departure and Mrs. Robinson’s maternity leave in the math department set for May, the school is scrambling to find proper substitute teachers.

Ella Whalen, Staff Writer

As the junior-level engineering class finally gains a proper teacher in the form of Mr. Green, the math department loses one as Ms. Soto changes careers.

Since Mr. McRae’s resignation from teaching Applied Engineering III early this semester, the class has been given assignments by the course’s other teacher, Mr. Bhatt. McRae’s classes have been overseen by a number of substitutes, with the main long-term sub being Mr. Peiffer, a frequent substitute teacher in East Lake. The department has continually been searching for a replacement teacher, yet both the class and Peiffer assumed that none would be found until the beginning of next school year.

However, such a teacher, Mr. Green, was found and began teaching the class this Thursday. Green has several years’ experience in engineering, but not as much in teaching a high school class. As such, the class is still following Bhatt’s schedule as it had under the substitutes, with the same rules and seating arrangement as under McRae. It is unclear whether the class will change course in either respect in the future. Although Green is to teach through the rest of the school year, his name has yet to been added to the Focus gradebook, which still lists the teacher as ‘TBA’.

Meanwhile, trigonometry and geometry teacher, Ms. Soto, who also coaches cheerleading, has announced that she will be leaving the school next Friday. She will be pursuing a career in business analysis, following the pure math degree she earned in college. She had been searching for such a job since January of this year but did not expect to find one so quickly.

As of now, it is also unclear how the class will be taught going forward, namely whether a proper teacher will be found in time or if the class will be led by substitutes going forward. Since her trigonometry class is duel enrollment, any teacher for it must take certain classes to be a college-level teacher, but the school may make exceptions for the few months left in this school year. The current best candidate is frequent math-department substitute Mr. Fazio.