Grand Grad Bash 2022

My experience at the ever so hyped up senior graduation bash.

The Minion ride was honestly life changing. I highly recommend.

The Minion ride was honestly life changing. I highly recommend.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

The week before Grad Bash, the ticket sorta just came to me; it’s like I spoke it into the universe. To be completely honest, I wasn’t planning on going. But at the last minute, in the moment type beat, I got my hands on a ticket. I thought to myself, why skip out on an important senior activity? It could be fun, right? And honestly, it was. If you didn’t get to make it, whether you are an underclassman or just didn’t buy a ticket, you can live vicariously through me.


I don’t have a sixth or seventh period, so I got to have a little bit of time before we all loaded onto the bus to leave for Universal. So I did what anyone would do in the 45 minutes I had free, to get caffeine. About three Monster energy drinks later, I was pumped and ready to go. Loading over a hundred seniors onto four buses couldn’t have been too simple, But it seemed to go smoothly enough. The buses were nice, equipped with charger plugs and foot rests.  Perfect for the long route we took to Orlando. Took around three hours to get there, and three hours back. But honestly it felt like a lifetime.


Once we finally arrived at Universal we were brought to some sort of backroom entrance. It was packed, I really underestimated how many people were going to be there, but I guess seeing them all in one place definitely made it seem like more than there was. Because once we entered the park it was a 15-25 minute wait for all the rides. I hadn’t been to Universal since my 8th grade graduation trip, which was during the day and with a chaperone, very different than this trip. We were able to walk back and forth between Universal and Islands of Adventure, my friends and I decided to walk all through Universal and then got through Islands of Adventure. We had a whole plan.


And it went accordingly. We went through all the 3D animatronic rides, and then the Hulk as sort of a grand finale to our 2022 Grad Bash. I know there are performances, but we didn’t see anything of the sort. I guess my group was too busy on rides! Overall, it was an experience, one that I will treasure as a core memory of my senior year. As well as coming back and seeing every single car in the senior parking lots windshield wipers up. Solid prank.