Prom review 2022

If you read the title out loud, it rhymes.


Us in the Steak ‘N Shake drive-thru. The Crocs make the photo.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Out of the two proms I went to this year I can say with full confidence, East Lake’s was the best prom. And as a senior who missed out on their junior year prom due to Covid, I can say (without full confidence this time) that it was worth the wait. First of all, it was pouring rain, dresses soaked, hair soaked, makeup ruined type of situation. But I think that adds to the story, the drama of it all. For our prom dinner we decided on only the classiest of classy, the fanciest of fancy, the most high-class dining places in all of Florida. Countyside Steak ‘N Shake. After that almost humiliating type of dinner experience, we made our way to the speaker box to take our senior prom pictures, and boy, were they something.


After that eventful dinner ended with all our dresses wet from the ground, we made our way to Ruth Eckerd Hall, the place of the night. We walked into basically an empty venue, and I wanted to walk right back out. I don’t know about you, but I always arrive not late, but not early either. So if prom starts at 7pm, it should have at least a solid twenty people by 7:20pm. But that was not the case. Maybe it was the rain. Maybe a lot of people had the same idea as I. But I stuck through and instantly walked on the dance floor. But I didn’t dance the night away without about 5 million people stepping on the back of my dress. But thankfully I didn’t trip once. At that point I just wanted to cut my dress to knee length and call it a night. But it’s prom after all and its long dress tradition. With light up bracelets and bubble machines on the dance floor, it was more enjoyable than any homecoming I’d been to. Which doesn’t say a lot to be honest. One thing I remember specifically is that nobody ate the food and I felt bad for the catering team who put it all together.


But all and all, the theme was good. I am a #1 NYC fan as I basically refer to it as a second home. A dirty one. But nonetheless, they never played “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z though…. There was a big apple, mini Statue of Liberties, Broadway show posters, etc. Every tourist New York vibes, which I can definitely appreciate. On a totally different note, I’m just glad every girl took off their heels as soon as they got there. I could not stand with them for more than 10 minutes. I really was tempted to wear my Crocs in, but I was told not to. My friends are always looking out for me.


Overall, a ten out of ten prom experience. My first and last East Lake prom. Such a bittersweet moment for me and every senior there. But I can say with full honesty that it was a fun night. And will forever be an amazing memory from my senior year.