These new and improved earbuds have been adapted by Apple to fit in the palm of your hand.(

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With Apple’s Airpods becoming increasingly popular many people have been buying themselves or receiving them as gifts.  I was one of the people who got them as a Christmas present and I can understand why people like them so much.  Prior to getting them, I was unaware of how nice it was to have them.  I just thought that the people who had them were overexaggerating their enjoyment as well as their superiority to those without them.  I didn’t see the hype; they were just earbuds.  Without a wire.  It made absolutely no sense to me until I got them for myself.

They were gifted to me by my grandparents for Christmas.  I’ve had them for a few weeks now and the quality of life change has been incredibly nice.  I don’t have to worry about a cord being caught on anything and ripping the earbud out of my ear, which is a relief.  Also, I don’t have to stay attached to my phone all the time because the range on them is pretty far.  I am able to charge my phone in my room and walk all around my house and still get crystal clear music straight to my ear.

One downfall that I do need to include is they do rely on a battery.  It is impossible to continuously listen to music through Airpods because they require charging.  This is one place where earbuds with wires have an advantage over Airpods.  The Airpods do have a battery life and will die faster than the older earbuds which don’t have a battery life.  However, the Airpods have a portable charging case that can charge them four times in a row before it needs to be charged itself.  Also, the charging process for the earbuds is incredibly fast which is a good addition.

Senior Caleb Mears has had Airpods for some time now and he definitely believes that they are superior to the older versions of earbuds that Apple has come out with.  He likes them better because of the “tappable buttons on the side, they don’t fall out, the fact that they look good, and obviously the Clout.”  He is a big proponent of people upgrading from the old wired earbuds that have been the same for over five years to the sleek and slim Apple Airpods™.

Another senior, Andrew Fisher, doesn’t have Airpods but he would love to get a pair once he saves up enough money.  “For the sports I play like lacrosse and golf, it would be nice to just have them in my ear and not worrying about a cord getting in the way of my swings would be really nice.”  He knows that Apple Airpodsare superior to the other versions of earbuds but he hasn’t acquired the Clout yet.

Finally, there are a couple people who don’t understand how nice these new and improved earbuds are.  Senior Brandon Ottaviano still uses his earbuds with cords from the Stone Age and has not been introduced to the quality of life change that is Apple Airpods.  I just don’t understand the hype behind them; I haven’t upgraded because I don’t see why they’re so much better.”  From this we know that there are still people out there who don’t want to upgrade and are comfortable with the earbuds that they have now.

With all the attention these earbuds have been getting recently, many people wanted to upgrade to Airpods and a lot of these people got gifted them for Christmas like I did.  Their quality of life increase is immense and people who aren’t upgrading just don’t understand how much nicer it is to have them.  All jokes aside, the earbuds are great and if you have the means to get them I would highly recommend it.