Bring back the mullet, or die trying

Business in the front, party in the back all in 2018

Via EdTech Magazine. Whether it’s an artform or an intricate math equation, the mullet is a carefully perfected rad hairstyle.

Via EdTech Magazine. Whether it’s an artform or an intricate math equation, the mullet is a carefully perfected rad hairstyle.

Wyatt Harris, Staff Writer

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When a man walks into a barber shop, he may ask the barber to “take a little off the sides and top,” or “just give it a good trim,” but as we close out 2018, it’s time as a collective unit to start asking for a rad mullet. For those of you who are unaware, the Mullet is a formerly-popular-now-mocked haircut, prototypically for men, in which the sides are left short, the top is left to a reasonable length, and the back is allowed to flow in all of its glory. This homerun of a haircut was as common as a pigeon in New York back in its heyday, yet as magnificent as a peacock and in my opinion, we’re really doing ourselves a disservice by shaming this haircut. It retained this supremacy in the hair world from the early 60’s until the late 80’s but has since taken an arrow to the knee in popularity. Therefore, I am making a call for the return of this monument to hair culture.

First let’s take a look at some of the pioneers in the mullet hair lifestyle to give it some clout and legitimacy to the common man.

  • Musical legends Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Paul McCartney have been cited as rocking the mullet at various times within their respective musical primes.
  • In the 1980’s the Mullet was glamorized in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when several members of the Pittsburgh Penguins, including Jaromir Jagr, wore the mullet and subsequently made it a hockey trend that would last for generations.
  • Jesse from Full House rocked the mullet in the first couple of seasons when he was still the young fun uncle.

These are all legends that I could make the argument would go down in history as either less significant or at the very least less cool if they rocked boring crew cuts or short hair. The mullet lifestyle shows that you are a person who is comfortable in your own skin, and also extraordinarily confident in yourself by rocking this crazy haircut. If I had longer hair I would no doubt rock the haircut of all haircuts, but I encourage anyone who is able to form their hair in this fashion to go ahead with it.

Some people have taken a modern approach to the mullet and I think that they are doing a great job with it. Steelers running back James Conner is rocking a mullet where the top and side of his head is shaved to where it looks like a gradient PowerPoint slide, with a thick mullet in the back of his head. Soccer stars David Beckham and Fernando Torres rocked the mullet earlier on in their careers and it was definitely respectable.

The mullet will be hard to bring back, but I think it can definitely be done. The style icons I have mentioned above have shown that the mullet can be a great look, you just have to be confident in the way you wear it and avoid negative energy that will throw your flow off. 2018 is closing out, and its time to truly end it with a bang and reintroduce the mullet.

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