It’s Cuffing Season

While this is a touchy season, do all kinds of people enjoy it?

It’s Cuffing Season

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With the colder months approaching, it’s about time for people to settle down and grab a boo.  Many of East Lake’s students are searching for someone to spend these cold, wintery nights with and some of them were willing to share these feelings. 

As a single woman, senior Brooke Thornton sat down with me to talk about cuffing season.  She is a big fan of this season; she enjoys the cold weather and the cute activities like ugly sweaters and fuzzy socks that follow.  When asked about why she enjoys cuffing season, she responded with, “I appreciate the value of company in these chilling and lonely nights.”  Some of her favorite things are snuggling by her bonfire and relaxing in a hammock with lots of blankets and the warmth of another single member of the opposite gender.  While the beach has gotten too cold for comfort, Brooke still finds herself there searching for a companion.  Her favorite thing about cuffing season is all the jackets she can “borrow” from her male friends that somehow never find their way back to their possession. 

One of East Lake’s most eligible bachelors, senior Ashwin Ganesh, looks forward to this time of the year because he has plans to “cuff someone.”  While unsuccessful in the past, he has high hopes for the future and plans to acquire a woman by the end of this calendar year.  He enjoys this season mainly for all the things that are now open to him; the cold weather and plethora of holidays get Ashwin in the mood for cuffing.  While unsure of the success rate, Ashwin does have high hopes and plans to stay positive during these next few months.  Until now Ashwin’s lady has been education, but now that college applications have been turned in, he can set his sights elsewhere with confidence.  Ladies, his DM’s are open. 

After getting the opinions of un-cuffed students I decided to turn to a cuffed student, senior Brandon Ottaviano.  Prior to beginning his relationship with senior Paris Williams, he says that cuffing season was an enjoyable time.  Now he describes it as a distant memory that is no longer needed because he has someone.  While cuffing season is for the single, this season is referred to as “broke season” for Brandon; however, Paris calls it “cuddle season.”  This different outlook on the time of year is for obvious reasons…  While Brandon often finds himself broke during this season, he enjoys the time and money he spends on his girlfriend.  He really enjoys Christmas because Paris likes to look at Christmas lights, and Brandon is ready and willing to drive her around so that she can have a good holiday season. 

With different outlooks on this season, many types of students enjoy it.  This time of year is for bringing people together or strengthening the bonds between people already together.  Relationships often get stronger during this season because gifts are received and people feel appreciated for all of the hard work that they do.