Will Wyatt Harris pull off the unthinkable?

Can Wyatt Harris really get Ariana Grande to go to prom with him?

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

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Millions and millions of people all around the world love Ariana Grande. Whether it be for her lovely personality, her amazing voice, or just her in general, people seem to fawn over her. She has so many admirers from all over, but one stands out. Wyatt Harris. Wyatt Harris has been a devoted fan for many years, listening to her music often. One would say he is a superfan. He claims that Ariana Grande is an essential whenever driving in his Ford Fusion, saying that many of her songs are “aux essentials.”  Harris even remembers the very first time he saw Grande on TV, “As soon as I watched my first episode of Victorious, I knew Ariana Grande was the one.” If that isn’t love at first sight, I don’t know what is. 

When asked why he loves Ariana Grande so much, his response was lengthy and heartfelt. Harris said that Ariana Grande is “the total package,” and he goes on to say that “she is everything I am and everything I’m not, plus a little extra.” Harris believes that prom is the ultimate opportunity to show Grande the man of her dreams. Harris also believes that after prom, they could stay in touch and eventually something could happen.  

Harris also says he will do whatever it takes to get her to go to prom with him. Harris will go to extreme lengths to get his dream prom date; he even said he will “put on a performance in front of the entire senior class of her most recent album if she committed to go to prom with me.” Although Harris may not be much of a singer, he believes that big time players make big time plays. 

When questioned about the date he would take Grande on for prom, he had the whole night planned out. First, he would take her to Bern’s restaurant in Tampa and pay for their meals. Then, they would go to take pictures for prom, then attend the dance. Harris would also drive Grande to dinner and prom in his Ford Fusion, riding in style for his date.  

Wyatt Harris believes that there is nobody else he would rather go to prom with. When asked why he prefers Grande over other female celebrities like Selena Gomez or Victoria Justice, Harris answered that “Selena Gomez has too much baggage with Justin Bieber and Victoria Justice just isn’t Ariana Grande” and continued to say that “I feel like Ariana Grande would just be down to have a good time with me and the boys.”  

Overall Harris seems to be willing to do everything and anything to get a date to prom with Ariana Grande. From his promposal to his perfectly planned out date, how could she say no? Harris is extremely confident that he will get a date with her. Her Tampa tour date sadly does not coincide with the night of East Lake’s prom, but Harris is still confident that she will go to our prom. With Ariana’s recent break up, Wyatt could be the perfect antidote. 



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