Emily Rollins Biography


Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

In a land not so far away, with the wind howling, leaves crackling along the brick roads, and cars scurrying through the downtown, a star was born. Despite what many of her close friends may expect, she began her life in Dunedin, Florida, and not in the home of many of her ancestors: Austria. The year 2000 marked a turning point in human history for countless reasons; the turn of the century, the first season of Survivor, and most remarkably the birth of Emily Susanne Rollins.

With a father partially rooted in German heritage, and an Austrian mother, Emily soon found herself living in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria, a small town outside of Vienna, at the young age of two. When asked what Austria was like, she compared it to America, except for everything being smaller. She too noted, “it’s a tad bit colder.” In Austria she was raised to know both German and English, but due to her immediate need for the native language in her first five years of schooling, she preferred German.

Then, in the year 2011, her father’s job took her family back to Florida, this time settling down in Oldsmar. She quickly picked up the English language because she was already well-practiced, but she is still learning how to understand some of the sarcasm in English(leaving Wyatt Harris room to make plenty of jokes). Her new house was in the back hollows of East Lake Woodlands, in my neighborhood, where her family decided to take in a stray cat named Marley(just so happened to be my cat). She attended Oldsmar Elementary for one year before going to Carwise for middle school, and then of course East Lake for high school. Now she runs track and cross country for the school, as well as being the Talon’s expert horoscope write for every print edition. Emily college hopes include the University of Florida or Florida State University, one of which she will most likely be attending next year. Lastly, when asked how she would describe her life so far, she unsurprisingly(if you know her) said, “I’m amazing what can I say.”