A rant by Uroob Saeed

When you think people can't get any dumber, and then they do.

When you think people can't get any dumber, and then they do.

Uroob Saeed, We Editor

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During my lifetime, I learned that people don’t realize how ignorant they really are. They believe they are the most intelligent person on the face of the planet. Well, based on the responses I have heard from them, that statement is far from the truth.

Upon meeting new people, one common question people often ask is where I am from. I answer them by saying I was born and raised in Florida. Then they say, “No. I mean where are your PARENTS from.” I tell them they are from Pakistan after which I usually get blank stares or their faces light up and they say, “Oh, so like…India?” At this point I just go with it because they technically are right since Pakistan used to be part of India before winning independence, but the main reason is that I don’t want to waste my energy arguing over it. Other times, people jump right to asking me my ethnicity. I don’t mind at all, but I DO mind when people tell me I’m wrong. Once, when I was in 7th grade I told a kid I was Asian after he asked me and he responded with “Wait, really? But you don’t look Chinese.” I didn’t answer him. But that’s not all. There was an Indian boy in my language arts class and the same annoying kid asked if we were related!! Seriously!? When there are two white kids in the same class, no one assumes they are related! After I told him no, he became disappointed and said I should go out with him because we were a “good match.” I was tempted to say something back, but I didn’t because I’m a nice and mature person.

I guess I can let that one go since, well, middle-schoolers. But when I entered high school, I experienced similar things. Whenever I get good grades on tests, other people who didn’t do as well say they wish they had “Asian genes.” It frustrates me how people don’t realize how much time and effort I put into school to be successful. They just assume I’m a genius. If they choose to put as much effort as me, they would get good grades as well, if not better. Religion, however, is a WHOLE other story. One guy asked me my religion and when I told him Islam, he gave me a sympathetic look and asked if I was okay. I told him I was confused, so he asked “Don’t Muslims abuse their women?” Another person later on asked if my parents were going to force me to wear a headscarf. Someone even told me that I would make a great terrorist because no one would see it coming. I used to get annoyed when people stereotyped Muslims, but now I just find it funny. Also, it gives me an opportunity  to enlighten others about Islam. Thankfully, people understand once I clarify these things.

You may have noticed that all the instances I have narrated thus far involve guys. Hence, one can conclude that males are just dumb.




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