How FSU Stole My Wig, and How I Got It Back


When FSU tries to steal Daniel Cusimano’s Wig….. HE FIGHTS BACK!!!! Photo Credits: FSU/Pic Collage App

Daniel Cusimano, Staff Writer

January 31st. The day Florida State Universities acceptances and rejections came out. A day where kids had waited for years for their dreams to come true. The first big decision day out of the whole year. What Daniel Cusimano thought was going to be an easy win for his college acceptances will soon turn for the iconic worst.

It was a nice sunny Thursday on January 31st. Daniel Cusimano had just finished his campaign photoshoot for this upcoming season of East Lake High School’s water wars. He was with his team (Hannah Berko, Abby Hahn, Amanda Foreman and Hailey Fletcher). They found out by social media that that decisions have finally been sent out. First Hannah gets in, then Abby, then Dani…. WAIT WHAT! Daniel Cusimano gets his rejection letter. There must be a mistake. There is no way this could happen. In Daniel Cusimano fashion, he makes a meme about it and laughs about it because honestly this was truly iconic. He knew something was up; he just needed to find out what.

After the iconic photo shoot (pictures will be shown below) he gets on the phone to call FSU. Daniel had too much pride to get rejected from a school he should have gotten accepted to. 10 minutes later he gets put through to their admissions office and then gets connected with an admissions counselor. He explains to them how he was still listed under Musical Theatre when he was already gotten rejected from their select program of three. He should have been then moved to the exploratory major, but it was incorrect on his application. He furthered explained how he has a 3.9 GPA and a 29 on his ACT and that he was overqualified for the school. She puts him on a brief hold and she returns with “Hey Daniel, I went ahead and personally changed your major, I can’t promise you anything, but you should be getting a decision from us very shortly.”

Did Daniel Cusimano sweat? No! Did he worry? No! Did he care? No! So, then the next day you can understand Daniel Cusimano’s nonsurprise when he receives an email that says, “Your FSU Application Status has changed.” THEN BOOM. ACCEPTED!!!! Finessing is one of Daniel Cusimano’s many talents. The most iconic part of this whole entire story is Daniel doesn’t even want to go to FSU. It isn’t even on his top list of 30 schools he applied to. Kids, this just goes to show you that you can literally do anything you want. Daniel got one of the top schools in Florida to overturn his rejection because he is simply THAT iconic. Just another day on the job. GO NOLES!

-Daniel Cusimano