The Bachelor is now global

Dramatic romance has spread to all corners of the world

Photo By: Switzerland’s Bachelor, the third runner up in Mister Switzerland 2010

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

There is only one reality TV show that throws a single male into a cage filled with over two dozen females, where only one will come out claiming his heart. This drama infested masterpiece happens once a year, is of course, The Bachelor. One would think that this modern day classic is only an American tradition, however, it turns out that this form of entertainment has reached to all corners of the globe. Therefore, if you ever grow tired of American drama, just grab a passport and travel to find the romantic chaos in over 20 other countries:

The United States Bachelor first premiered in 2002, but it wasn’t far after that other countries began to follow. Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Norway, and the United Kingdom all premiered soon after, in the year of 2003. Soon others hopped on the bandwagon, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. With this enchanting storyline being so successful in America, others too thought that they might find achievements with dabbling in romance. Yet, it seems that not all countries favor reality TV the way we do, leading to the sad fact that Italy and Brazil have had to cancel the show. Yet, it still survives in majority of the other nations listed and interestingly they do have some slight differences or interesting facts about their versions of this show:

  1. Both Germany and Switzerland both have Der Bachelor where every once and a while the featuring males are pageant stars and winners of Mister Germany and Mister Switzerland.
  2. Israel’s featuring male was a famous pop star.
  3. Romania’s bachelor (called, Burlacul) Andrei Andrei, rejected both finalists.
  4. Romania’s bachelor in season 2012, Vladimir Draghia, had to be fired and replaced midseason due to his rude behavior
  5. Australia’s bachelor, Blake Garvey, was a male stripper and owns a male entertainment company. He pulled an Arie before Arie did

It seems that each Bachelor is filled with its own interesting drama and romance, but they never fail to entertain. Therefore, if you are up for attractive foreign accents or a change of scenery, there is a multitude of option for you to enjoy.  However, you will have to travel to get it.  This is due to international restrictions on their shows’ websites. You do also have the option of the new Bachelor Winter Games, which takes rose ceremony participants from across the world and places them together.  If you are more interested in staying at home, tune in to the next episode of the United States Bachelor on March 4th.