Erin Wronka, Entertainment Editor

             Once again the series that originally sparked our attention as best selling novels is back in its television form on The CW. Gossip Girl returned on September 13, with enough drama to prove that the fourth season will be packed with twists. This show ranks as one of teenagers’ favorite series and the writers have worked hard to keep it on top. With new characters, new settings, and new relationships, not one episode is going to be the least bit boring.

                At the end of the third season, Gossip Girl took viewers through a whirlwind of events that led to one of its biggest cliffhangers. Viewers’ favorite couple, Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, seemed to rekindle their romance even though they’re step siblings and both had a significant other. Dan’s little sister Jenny managed to screw things up again by posting on Gossip Girl’s blog a picture of the two together. Nate, Serena’s boyfriend, and Vanessa, Dan’s love, of course got a hold of the shot and in the end both relationships were over.      

              Aside from these twisted love lives, Chuck Bass ended up being comforted by little Jenny when he thinks he got rejected by Blair Waldorf, but nothing works out that easily in the Upper East Side. Blair attempted to reconcile with Chuck, until she finds out what he and Jenny had been up to. Blair freaked out as always, tells Mr. Bass to never speak to her again, and we’re left with a depressed Chuck. In the last minute of the finale, we managed to find out he got shot in an alley, Blair and Serena have run off to Paris, and Georgina Sparks comes to town nine months pregnant. Only in the world of Gossip Girl would we be left with such suspense.

                So with all this trouble, how is the fourth season supposed to play out? We know so far that Chuck managed to live through his near death experience and tried to come up with a new identity. The spoiled boy’s life was so hard that he didn’t want Chuck Bass to be alive anymore. This plan managed to be ruined when he came across his beloved Blair in Paris, where she told him she couldn’t be with him, but she still needs him in her life. We’re now left with Chuck returning to New York with a new girl, providing the perfect recipe for disaster.

                Meanwhile, Georgina Sparks, the girl we love to hate, gave birth to her baby, who’s supposedly Dan’s child, and is taking advantage of the inexperienced father. We know practically a whole season’s worth of drama will play off this storyline, because once a baby gets involved there’s bound to be problems.

                Poor innocent Nate Archibald was dumped by his true love Serena, but apparently this won’t stop him from finding a new girl. Katie Cassidy from the cancelled CW show Melrose Place is now starring on Gossip Girl as a new person in the city to stir up trouble. On the season premiere, we’re left with the clue that her character Juliet could be the one and only Gossip Girl. Will Nate find this out quickly? That would just be too easy, so after a few weeks of them having a lovey dovey relationship, something’s bound to blow up in their faces.

                Serena has finally entered the real world and started college at Columbia, living the single life for now. The fourth season is sure to be full of competition between her and BFF Blair, but it will only be adding to the drama.

                Little Jenny will be MIA for awhile, as she’s supposed to be living with her mother in Hudson to take care of her rebellious attitude. This can only mean that when she comes back, it’ll be for a good reason.

                Gossip Girl’s managed to feed us three years’ worth of heart stopping storylines, so the fourth season shouldn’t be too different. These privileged young adults know just what to do wrong, supplying us with a must see television show.