T.V. vs. TROP

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

     Everyone likes watching the Rays play, the question is, do you like going to the Tropicana Field or watching them play on T.V?

     “I prefer going to the Tropicana Field to watch the Rays play. It’s more exciting and you get to see a lot of things happen that you wouldn’t see on T.V,” said Rays fan junior Kayla Lucero. Going to the Tropicana Field to watch the Rays games seems to be a lot more entertaining. You’re able to sit with other Rays fans and cheer your team on, you can tell people all kinds of stories that happened while you were at the game, and you could even be there for your team’s big win.

     Watching the game on TV. isn’t bad either. “Watching it on TV is much more enjoyable to me. I don’t have to sit around all the annoying fans that ruin the game for me,” said senior Vinny Mannello. You could maybe even throw your own party with people that you actually like to be around. Watching the games on TV does have its disadvantages though. For example, you have to sit through all the commercials that go on during the game and you miss all the fun activities the stadium puts on. At Tropicana Field families can enjoy a lot of fun activities at the games. For example, after some of the games the stadium puts on some concerts. They usually have the top artists come out and sing for the fans. Another activity is the Coke races. During these races, five men dress up in drink costumes and race down the field. This always gets the crowd on their feet. Either watching the Rays play on TV. or at the Tropicana Field, it’s a fun time to share with your friends and family.