Job or no job?

Erin Wronka, Entertainment Editor

            A common issue when I’m planning what to do with my friends is something people of any age struggle with these days: money. Everything we do requires some kind of cash being spent either for gas to get us to a person’s house or the price of a movie ticket. Over the summer, I took initiative (and maybe some urging from my mom) and applied for a part time job at Publix. A month later I scored an interview and was hired on the spot. Since then, my bank account has just enough money to let me enjoy myself with my friends, but when they don’t have cash, it’s no fun for me either way. I think that high school students really should have jobs because it allows everyone to do something other than sit at home, and it also gives a sense of responsibility.

                My job at Publix really doesn’t require much. I show up in my uniform, bag people’s groceries, and pull in those runaway carts. I’ll admit I’m not always in the mood to do it, but getting my paycheck is all worth it. It’s nice to not bug my parents for money, end up getting rejected by them, and be stuck missing out all.

            I am jealous of those people who do get handed money from their parents for a good report card or mowing the lawn, but I’m not ashamed at all that I don’t. I work for my grades and make my family proud without them bribing me. With a part time job, I have a responsibility to make it on time and sometimes cut out on social events, which in the long run will help me in the real world.

             Teenagers really should apply for a job because it may be just what they need. I found my parents to be a lot more easygoing on me once I had my job because they now know I’m not just wasting my time with friends all the time. Having work creates the perfect balance of school, responsibility, and social time that everyone deserves to get a taste of.