Negative Influence of the Media on Teens

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

We live in a media saturated world, and media today is full of the wrong messages. Media is not limited to movies or television it can include video games, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, advertisements and more. As I’m sure you could guess television, movies, and advertisements are the most popular.

Some of the negative effects these types of media have are an increase in violence, sexual activity, ideals about body  image and other unhealthy habits, (such as smoking, drinking, etc.)

Approximately two thirds of television programs or movies contain sexual or violent content. Seriously can anyone remember the last movie or TV show you’ve seen without this content? Unless you only watch the Disney Channel then chances are you can’t.

Although media has some positive effects such as the familiarity with technology and increase of overall awareness of teenagers and their surroundings. This “awareness” is most likely sending the wrong message. Teenagers brains are still developing and isn’t fully developed until age 25 as I’m sure you’ve already noticed that.

Many popular shows that teens watch are full of negative messages, Gossip Girl, 90210, Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill are just a few. Senior Kimmy Gooch was babysitting and when she put the kids to bed she realized the negative messages it portrays,” I would never let the kids I babysit watch this show.”

So the questions still remains. How do teens escape this negative media when media is everywhere we turn? That is a tough question that doesn’t have an easy answer. Teens can find alternatives to this media and just ignore it all together. This media is also a good way for teens to discover what is right and wrong because the characters that make bad decisions normally have bad things happen to them and if teens see the negative outcomes then maybe they won’t want to partake in this behavior. Media can have some positive effects, like almost anything, but overall, the negative outweighs the benefits.