Iron Man Streak Broken

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

Throughout sports there are plenty of records and streaks broken and set each year. The one streak that stands out though is Brett Favre’s consecutive games played in the NFL. Not only he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play, but he was there everyday of work for 297 games in a row. This number is a remarkable number because of the position he plays. Quarterback, you take a lot of heat. You are constantly under pressure and being hit. Throughout Favre’s career, he has been injured but was able to heal quicky enough to play the next week. Favre, now 41 years of age, can no longer heal as quickly or endure as much pain. He decided to play another season in Minnesota despite a banged up ankle. Over the course of the year, his body has given him problems. First it was the ankle, then his throwing arm’s elbow, and you can’t forget the broken bones in his ankle; yet not one of those injuries were able to put him out. The day I’m sure he will never forget was week 13 against the Buffalo Bills. The first play of the game, Favre dropped back to pass and was hit from behind, forcing the ball out of his hands and was taken oout of the game with a sprained shoulder. This time, Favre wasn’t sure if he could play in a week. It came down to a game time decision next week playing against the Giants but he was unable to make the start. His reason for it was he thought he could not give the team the best chance to win. Favre’s streak finally ended at 297 games, three shy from the 300 mark. Not only his streak ended but it is also up in the air if he will ever play again. With only three more weeks left he might not heal properly to play and he is for sure not coming back next year. In due time we will see if he will make just one more start and not have his last passing attempt picked off.