Katy Perry goes 3-D

Erin Wronka, Editor-in-Chief

            In this day and age, it means success when an artist’s concert tour is transformed into the ultimate 3D experience at theaters worldwide. It started about four years ago with Miley Cyrus, whose joint Hannah/Miley concert tour sparked huge ticket controversy, therefore leading to the creation of the movie. Since then, a number of hit artists have turned to 3-D to satisfy fans who didn’t get to see their concert live. Not only do performances grace the big screen, but a look into the singer’s personal life is normally offered in these specials. The latest Top 40 artist to jump on the 3D bandwagon is one whose name has made the news a lot recently due to her divorce troubles. Singer Katy Perry has found major success with her album Teenage Dream, so to thank fans for their continued support of it, her special Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D will be released on July 5. This movie already has fans talking and it is even expected to attract those looking for something to do during those hot summer days.

                The preview for Perry’s 3D debut has proven that fans will receive much insight as to how the singer’s career started, and the journey she’s had since then. Clips of her various live performances are also sure to grace the screen, making for a vivid visual effect. The concert tour is known for its eccentric candy theme that’s bursting with color on stage, offering up an interesting experience in theaters.

                The part of the movie causing the most stir is the implication that Perry’s divorce from ex Russell Brand will be addressed. It’s been made  known that their marriage deteriorated over the course of the tour, so people can’t wait to find out more detail in this 3D special. Chances are Perry will not actually give that much information regarding the specifics of the breakup, but it is sure to be mentioned. We do know that Perry’s new single “Part of Me,” the movie’s namesake, does already has its own way of describing the failed relationship.

                Breakup or no breakup, Katy Perry has had major success just from one album and this movie will only support it more. While some wish Perry would just release a completely new album instead of dragging on the success of Teenage Dream, its clear Perry has some way she wants to conclude the journey of it. If the success of Justn Bieber’s movie is any hint, Perry’s special is bound to do well.